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Why List with Dental Spaces?

Retain more profits

Selling your practice without an broker means you can avoid paying hefty commission fees, typically ranging from 7-10% of the sale price.  As an example, for an average selling price of $500k, you’ll save $50,000. By eliminating this big expense, you can keep a larger portion of the sale proceeds in your pocket, allowing you to use the money for other purposes such as your next home purchase, investments, or personal goals.

No more 10% Broker Fees

Direct communication

Selling your practice without intermediaries allows for direct and open communication with potential buyers. By engaging with buyers firsthand, you can establish a personal connection, understand their needs, potentially find an associate, and address their concerns promptly. Direct communication fosters trust, reduces misinterpretations, and can lead to quicker and more favorable outcomes. 


Conversely, for those who don’t want the direct connection, communication can be indirect through a dental lawyer or broker (who are referred to work with you at a much lower cost)

Access to our buyer list

Selling your practice with Dental Spaces gives you exposure that other brokers can’t. From newsletters to Social media Ads to direct advertisements and mailers, we make sure we get the right eyeballs seeing your listing, all for a one time affordable price. 

The hardest part of a sale is finding a qualified buyer

Access to our preferred vendor list for more savings

Because we have large pool of buyers and sellers, we are able to leverage that in the form of discounts from the people you need during your transition: Dental CPA’s, Dental lawyers, and Dental Practice appraisers. Working with these experienced professionals can help save you thousands more in fees. 

Direct access to your listing statistics

Your listing comes with your own listing dashboard where you can view how your listing is doing. 

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