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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Spaces offers an alternative selling approach to Brokers. Broker’s charge anywhere between 6-10% of the practice price in fees. That ads to tens of thousands of dollars. With Dental Spaces, you pay a one time fee, even if you end up selling your practice. You can learn about more benefits by clicking here: Why List With Dental Spaces

We use social medial, pay per click ads, e-mail newsletters, and other marketing tools to promote your practice. You pay a low one time fee, and we do the rest. 

We do not offer a trial period at this time for any paid listings.

Yes! We have a list of CPA’s that could help you appraise your practice and list of lawyers specializing in dentistry that can help with the legal framework of selling.

A very rough estimate that’s been traditionally used is 80% of collections or 1x your net income.

However, this is just a crude estimate and there are many variables involved in appraising a practice including years in existence, insurance mix, patient demographics, and others. Contact us for a referral to honest, qualified, dental CPA’s.


For More Information, click here: Dental Appraisals with Dental Spaces

Great! The next step is contacting us and signing an NDA where you can get a more detailed breakdown of the practice financials.


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