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Buyer Due Diligence

Financial Performance

Analyze the practice’s financial records, including revenue, expenses, and profitability over the past few years. Look for consistent growth and healthy financial indicators. Consider hiring a dental accountant to review the financials thoroughly.

Patient Base

Assess the patient demographics and retention rates. A stable and loyal patient base is a valuable asset for a dental practice. Look for practices with a mix of new and long-term patients.

Seller's Motivation

Understand the seller’s motivation for selling the practice. This can influence the negotiation process and provide insights into the practice’s current state.


Evaluate the practice’s location and its potential for growth. A practice located in a high-demand area with limited competition may offer better opportunities for success.

Reputation & Goodwill

Consider the practice’s reputation within the community and its goodwill. A positive reputation can lead to higher patient retention and attract new patients.

Equipment & Technology

Inspect the dental equipment and technology used in the practice. Up-to-date equipment can enhance efficiency and patient experience.

Lease and Real Estate

If the practice operates on leased property, review the lease agreement. Evaluate the terms and any restrictions that may affect the practice’s future.

Transition Support

Discuss the possibility of a transition period with the current owner. A smooth transition can be crucial for patient retention and knowledge transfer.

Growth Potential

Assess the growth potential of the practice. Look for opportunities to expand services, reach new patient demographics, or optimize the practice’s operations.

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