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Professional advisory team without the middle man

Some buyers and sellers may opt for a more direct approach instead of going through a broker, conducting their research, seeking advice from industry professionals, and working directly with the seller or their representatives to negotiate the sale terms. This approach can help ensure that the buyer’s interests remain at the forefront throughout the process, promoting a more transparent and mutually beneficial transaction.

Dental accountants/CPA's not only simplifies the process of connecting dental practice buyers and sellers but also goes the extra mile to facilitate smoother transactions.


Our platform also offers a valuable connection to dental CPAs and accountants who specialize in the intricacies of selling dental practices. Sellers gain access to these specialized professionals who can provide critical financial guidance and support throughout the sale process. This not only streamlines the transaction but can also lead to significant cost savings compared to seeking these services independently. 


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Legal representation

We provide valuable connections to dental lawyers who specialize in the intricacies of dental practice sales. These experienced legal professionals offer their expertise at a one-time, discounted upfront fee to create essential agreements such as seller agreements, contracts, and any other legal documentation required during the transition process. 

Dental Practice Appraisers

We also offer access to professional dental appraisers at highly competitive rates. These specialized appraisers are well-versed in assessing the value of dental practices, ensuring that both buyers and sellers receive accurate and fair market evaluations. Our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions encompasses every aspect of the dental practice transaction, making sure that your experience is not only efficient but also affordable. Whether you’re a buyer looking for a sound investment or a seller aiming to understand your practice’s true value, our platform connects you with skilled appraisers who can guide you through this crucial step of the process.


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